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KIKIT Pathways to Recovery

Drug & Alcohol Support Service

 Evidencing the Need




Data shows proportion of each ethnic group employed in each of the nine main occupational groups.

from Labour Force Survey (Nomis website)

Cities Outlook 2013 - shows economic inequalities throughout UK

2012 prison population figures were supplied by HMP Birmingham to HM Inspectorate of Prisons.

HMIP in HMP Birmingham

Hate crime and domestic violence

statistics from 2013 Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Information report

West Midland Police


Data shows the diversity profile of tenants housed by Birmingham City Council in April 2012.

Birmingham City Council's Local Services Directorate

National comparisons England only

DfE: Permanent and Fixed Period Exclusions from Schools in England 2010/11

Percentage of children achieving a good level of development according to the Early Years Foundation Stage profile. (includes ethnicity data for Birmingham)

DfE: Foundation Stage Profile Attainment by Pupil Characteristics in England, 2009/10

Adult obesity

Percentage of population with BMI>30

Birmingham Health and Wellbeing Partnership (2011) Birmingham’s Adult Obesity: Attributable Risk Factors

National data 2011

National Obesity Observatory (2011) Obesity and ethnicity

Learning Difficulties

Proportion of people on various Birmingham City Council databases used to deliver services to adult people with learning difficulties.

Flore et al (2011) Adults & School Leavers with learning disabilities

Physical disabilities

Percentage of physically disabled clients receiving services from Birmingham City Council by ethnicity.

Birmingham Health and Wellbeing Partnership (2009) Physically disabled adults

List of electoral wards and their various measures of deprivation.

Office of National Statistics

An equalities think tank, brap comes up with ideas to make society fairer.

The Pied Piper is all about the black and minority ethnic third sector – its roots, the political context in which it operates, the challenges it faces, and its future development

Commissioned by: CapacityBuilders

Findings from the Consultation, May 2013, on Birmingham substance misuse and treatment

Birmingham Public Health

Findings from the Stakeholder Consultation, March 2013, to explore views from stakeholders on the current substance misuse treatment system in Birmingham

Birmingham Public Health (previously BDAAT)